A Love Letter

Life Insurance is a love letter from one person to another or from one person to an entire family. Life Insurance is not just money if you die.

The benefits are many and when considered in terms other than money for those left behind the benefits are very tangible,

Benefits may include,

  • Ability to stay in the family home
  • No need to move to a different town or school
  • Still been able to go to school camp with friends
  • Knowing you can still pursue a tertiary education
  • No need to worry the bank may force a mortgagee sale on the family home
  • A deposit for a home in a market difficult to enter for more and more young adults
  • The continuation of a family business for the next generation
  • Been able to grieve without financial pressure
  • Feeling proud we were loved enough that we aren’t left with debt and heartache

Life Insurance is more than a financial transaction. With over 30 years’ experience in the Financial Services Industry, I know Life Insurance is a love letter from one person to another.

If you would like to provide comfort to those you love give me a call