Its great to live in a country with such a wonderful public health system

Its great to live in a country with such a wonderful Public Health System. Over the years I have had several encounters with the Taranaki District Health Board in particular and have noted that these encounters are filled with Doctors, Nurses and Administrators that are both skilled and helpful and are trying to do great things under trying circumstances.

So why would you bother spending money on Private Health Insurance in New Zealand?

As I said our New Zealand system of Public Health Care is good, but it’s far from perfect.  It can be slow, it is filled with bureaucracy and its defiantly underfunded. 

Private Medical Insurance will pay for your operation and perhaps your specialists and tests (if you have this included) when you want the procedure done, where you want it done and by whom you want it done by. 

We often concentrate on the fact that Private Medical Insurance will provide more instant treatment, and this is a fact.  In the extreme cases this expediency will save your life however as important is the choice of provider that plays as bigger part in saving your life or providing a better outcome. 

For example, if you require removal of your prostate there is a not only a better chance that you will experience a return to full functionality if you have this procedure completed by the most modern techniques rather than the older techniques available in many provincial centers, its less invasive, the recovery time is better and the risks are lessoned. In an ideal world we would like to think that our public system could provide the most up to date procedures in a timely manner.  Unfortunately, public finances do not permit this.  

Here is a list of the top five claims from a major medical insurer we partner with, for the month of December.

1$115,690Cardiac Surgery1
2$90,150Brain Tumour Resection1
3$81,210Aortic Valve Replacement1
4$74,620Coronary Artery Bypass Surgery1
5$69,280Cardiac Surgery1
Top Five Claims for the month of December

These people would have experienced the fast and efficient service that the private health system provides and this service would give them and their loved ones a faster recovery, a better outcome, immediate care and the return to good health that we all know is the most important thing any of us can have in our lives.

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