DIY vs. Advice

From the pen of Jamie Toon.

New Zealand is traditionally a land of DIY’ers, with a “mate, do it ya-self” mentality.  There are a lot of good things that come with this.  Over lockdown I even partook in some DIY on the ride on, due to a snapped belt.  Sure, it took me five times longer than any mechanic worth their salt, but needs must.  While I had a small, momentary sense of pride and the lawns got done, I still had a sense of dread and doubt. “Have I done it right?” And “It’ll cost me ten times as much to fix if I haven’t”.  It is an accurate analogy when considering DIY Insurance vs. expert advice.  You are an intelligent person, so sure you could research the market, compare some pricing, and feel you have done an ok job.  But is an ok job good enough when your livelihood, home and health is on the line? No. They say it takes 10,000 hours to get good at something.  When it comes to the Life and Health Insurance industry, I believe 10,000 hours is only scratching the surface.  The reason being the large amount of claims we see and on a very regular basis provides hindsight that research alone can’t buy.

There are over 25,000 variations of products in our market, so which one’s are really best for you? And how much will you need at claim time? Don’t have a single doubt in your mind, the job is too important for that.  You and your family are too important for that.

This is what the best advice gives you.  The knowledge that the job has been done right, the first time.  Because there are no second chances at claim time.