Do people still buy Life Insurance?

 I am frequently asked: “Do people still buy Life Insurance?

This little question got me thinking…

Why do Kiwi’s purchase millions worth of Life Insurance each week in New Zealand?

You may well remember the day you purchased your first or maybe subsequent Life Cover.  I clearly remember the overwhelming feeling of comfort it gave me. The knowledge my family would be financially okay if I couldn’t be there to provide for them.

So profound, I can remember the time and the reasons why I made the decision.

Love and emotion motivates the purchase of Life Insurance. Unlike buying another kitchen appliance.  It is true that if we didn’t love someone, we would be dubious to purchase Life Insurance.  To provide ongoing shelter, food, and income for those we love in the event of our untimely demise will continue for as long as humanity continues.

Our clients are typically in a permanent relationship, with or without children. But usually has debt and a standard of living higher than the one size fits all safety net provided by government.  Our clients share the overwhelming desire to ensure those they love are able to retain the lifestyle created through hard work or entrepreneurship.

So maybe the answer is just as simple as the question, do people still buy Life Insurance?

Glamorous advertising campaigns will promote Life Insurance differently, but the motivation remains unchanged. From the time my parents purchased Life Insurance, to three generations later, my children.

We all want to take the step and leave a legacy – Life Insurance.