“So – who are you, what do you do and why do you do it?”

“So – who are you, what do you do and why do you do it?. As a new financial adviser entering the insurance industry these are three question, I was asked a lot. Whether it be new clients or those I have met in the industry along the way, they seem to want to know these three questions.

So by way of introduction, here’s who I am what I do and why.

Who am I?

I’m Scott.  At work, I am an associate financial adviser with Abacus Group limited. Working closely with Craig, Richard, Natalie and Veronica to provide the best Personal Insurance solutions both in Taranaki and beyond.

At home, I am a new Dad to 4-week-old Poppy. Working closely with Hannah and Albert (resident fur baby) to provide the best burp, nappy change and feeding solutions for our young “Popsey”.

Two different but very important jobs. It’s a busy and tightly organised balancing act.

What do I do?

As an adviser, its simple really. I help our clients solve problems. More specifically their financial risk problems.

Together, we paint the financial picture of their life and work to put a plan in place so that no matter what life throws at them, the finances in that picture are protected and can never be taken away from them. This involves analysing their financial situation, debt levels and goals and carefully selecting a combination of personal insurance solutions that will meet their unique needs.

At Abacus we are specialists in Life, Trauma, Total and Permanent Disablement, Income Protection, Cancer Care and Health Insurances.


Risk is almost inevitable in life, in fact it’s important. Few people or businesses desire risk. Rather, what they desire is the reward – but this can only be achieved by taking the risk. Whether this means taking on a large home loan or becoming self-employed, insurance is an important cog in the wheel to enable people to “take the plunge”.

So why insurance? Well, I believe in it. I put it down to my own experiences. I have witnessed our products work for people very close to me and been a part of the positive and at times life-saving impact a well-advised personal risk insurance plan can have for a family and business. Protection and certainty will be the first thing we look for during the event of a personal crisis. And this is exactly what Personal Insurance provides. For this reason, I find it easy to step out, connect with people and work with them on a plan to protect themselves, their families and their businesses financial wellbeing.

So, that’s who I am what I do and why I do it.