Making tough choices

Just like we love a compliment we all love to take or act on advice we love to hear. What about the advice we don’t want to hear? Do you find it a lot harder to motivate yourselves to action advice you know is right however you are not prepared to sacrifice any of today’s hard earnt money for the what ifs of tomorrow. Life is full of making tough choices.

Maybe an affirmation from someone, a relative a close friend who makes a flippant comment that makes our choice easy.

A choice that we know may be costly, not now necessarily. But at some time in the future the easy option choices can bring both hardship and heartache.

You see and hear it all the time, you don’t need a permit for that small building alteration! A lovely addition to your home with some immediate gratification becomes simple and uncomplicated until the day of sale. What may have cost a few thousand dollars at the time if the right advice was sought. Now turns into tens of thousands creating both hardship and heartache.

You don’t need specialist tax advice. Lodge your own tax return. Do your own GST. A seemingly successful friend may say. Maybe some can but if it’s an easy way of saving a few dollars now, I would challenge you to think again. Imagine getting to 65 after a life time of hard work to find out a few thousand of well spent money many years prior could have prevented the erosion of your savings and home satisfying the IRD’s appetite for unpaid dues. Ignorance will not be an argument and again it can only lead to hardship & heartache.

For most of us we love what we can see and feel. Those tangible things in life that make us feel good.

We go out shopping with the desire of bringing home something new to enjoy.

Versus the intangible, the advice to apply for a permit allowing a quick and easy sale of your home. Giving you the opportunity to have moved into your new dream home without delay and cost, the hour spent with an accountant to make sure your retirement years were as you envisaged.

As long as we weren’t born a super human there will come a time when we are unable to attend work for an extended period of time. As a result a time will come when we will be ill requiring medical care. Henceforth a time will come to die too. Why not seek insurance advice now? A small investment of your time and a few dollars along the journey may save you much hardship and heartache in the future.

I pen this with 32 years of experience in personal insurance advice. During which I have had the privilege of seeing insurance work first hand. Equally for both my clients and during my own 18 months of illness.

Please, invest a little of your time today, seek advice to avoid the intangible you can’t see. Protect yourself from the hardship and heartache of tomorrow. The outright purchase of an insurance product without seeking advice may not be a wise decision. Seek experienced and reliable insurance advice first.