Health Insurance

Ever wondered why you need Health Insurance.


It is no secret surgical and medical treatments are costly. Medical Insurance provides you and your family with access to private healthcare and treatments within New Zealand.

Indicative costs of surgery the very reason why you should have Health Insurance
Source: Health Funds New Zealand

Jackie Simons shares her challenge associated with not having Medical Insurance. The article on Stuff written by Cate Broughton tells how Jackie took out a loan of $20,000 to pay for her shoulder surgery she needed. “Simons is among thousands of Kiwis in need of elective surgical treatment who have failed to meet the strict criteria for publicly-funded surgery and do not have ACC cover or private health insurance.” Source: Stuff, 28 December 2018

Health Funds New Zealand stated the 2016 TNS research on elective surgery in New Zealand found nearly 300,000 people were waiting for surgery. TNS research noted virtually no waiting for private-funded surgery.

Health Insurance. Access to healthcare when and where you need it.

Cancer Treatment

The Ministry of Health comments on their website “…more effective treatment means many people are now living longer.” More importantly having access to the most effective treatment is vital.

Discuss with your adviser the options available to cover cancer treatment such as:

  • PHARMAC Medicines
  • Non PHARMAC Chemotherapy Medicines including Cancer Immunotherapy Medicines

Back to the question

Ever wondered why you need Medical Insurance. Health Fund New Zealand answers the question so perfectly:

“You don’t know what health problems may affect you in the future. And you can’t foresee how they will impact on your family, your lifestyle or your earning ability”

“Having health insurance means that you have access to treatment without facing a lengthy wait. You also have the assurance that you can recover all or most of the costs. Health insurance takes away the uncertainty of your future health care.”

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